Archiving and Backing up Photos - What is the best way?

Is this how you look at your images and archive them?
Is this how you look at your images and archive them?
What is the best way of archiving photos today?

Being a photographer, this question constantly crosses my mind. In this day and age where most of our photos are found on our computers, smart phones or Facebook we are forgetting one very important fact – our images could disappear in a second!

Recently I had a client tell me that her laptop was stolen along with her external drive which contained the first 5 years of her daughters life and 2 years of her sons life. See she “backed them up” on her external hard drive till she got a chance to print them. At first she thought she can print some photos she put on Facebook. Till she noticed that when you print them they look pixelated at images on the web are generally compressed files so they don’t hold the quality when printed.
Is this how you look at your images and archive them?
Is this how you look at your images and archive them?

That’s when the reality hit home… All those precious memories were gone. Her children will grow up with no photos from their early years… No photos to put up at their 21st or when they want to see what they looked like when they were babies.

Unfortunately for her there is very little that can be done.

BUT… There is a solution so that this doesn’t happen again. Of course there is no guarantee that a computer won’t be stolen again but their is something that can be done. I have discovered a great online program that not only allows you to store your photos online but also allows you to sort them, share them with friends, post them directly to Facebook, print them and so much more. And most importantly they are safe and protected!

The other great thing about this software is that you can be anywhere in the world and you can access and upload your images. This came in very handy for me recently when I went overseas and wanted to upload my photos to my archived albums so I didn’t have to worry in case my camera got stolen I’d still have my images.

To check out this FREE software go to

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on archiving or on this fantastic software.

Till next time… happy photo snapping!




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